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colouring competition

Earlier in the year, the National Rural Network in association with AgriKids recently held a colouring competition called ‘Farm Safe – Nature Farm’. The aim of the initiative was to help raise awareness of how farmers protect the environment and keep wildlife safe.

We were inspired to launch this unique initiative by the farmers across Ireland who carry out so many actions on their farms to protect the environment and keep wildlife safe including:

  • Farm safety actions help make our farms a safe place to work.
  • Nature friendly actions like planting trees, fencing off water courses, and putting up bee and bird boxes around the farm help to provide safe homes and feeding areas for wildlife.
  • Other actions such as choosing to breed good quality animals on farms help to safeguard our environment against the impacts of climate change.

We want to celebrate all those who participated in this colouring competition, and to thank them all for taking the time to learn about nature on farms and for entering our competition!

In particular, our congratulations go to the following participants:

Shannon McCrossan (aged 5) from Donegal

Cillian O’Leary (aged 9) from Kerry; and

Sheena Crampton (aged 12) from Offaly.

Just for fun, you can access the competition images here:

Farming for Nature

Farming Water Quality

Farm Animals & Environment

Farm Safe – Nature Farm Competition