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Agricultural & Rural Inspiration Awards (ARIA) 2023 Open for Entries

Apr 20, 2023 | Biodiversity News, Climate Change News, EIP-AGRI News, Farm Viability News, LEADER News

The Agricultural and Rural Inspiration Awards (ARIA) 2023 are now open for submissions. This year’s theme is ‘Boosting skills for agriculture and rural areas’ and will focus on CAP-funded projects that showcase lifelong learning and empower people to support innovation and competitiveness.

ARIA23 is designed to expand on the successes of the ENRD’s Rural Inspiration Awards (held annually from 2019 to 2022). Last year, the LEADER supported ‘Broadband 4 Our Community’ initiative, nominated by the National Rural Network (NRN) with Kilkenny LEADER Partnership, was announced as the winner in the Digital Futures category in Brussels in October. This inspiring and innovative community-led project in the Piltown/Fiddown area of Co. Kilkenny is featured in a fantastic new video.

This year’s focus is on good practice projects supported by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF) which promote the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas, the Rural Pact as well as this year’s theme which is the European Year of Skills.

Entries will be accepted under four thematic categories:
(i) Smart & competitive agriculture: CAP-funded projects that contribute to a smart, competitive, resilient and diversified agricultural sector ensuring long-term food security.

(ii) Environmental protection: CAP-funded projects that strengthen environmental protection, including those that enhance biodiversity, tackle climate change, demonstrate sustainability and/or contribute to green recovery.

(iii) Socio-economic fabric of rural areas: CAP-funded projects that strengthen the socio-economic resilience of rural Europe, address social aspects innovatively, show a sustainable approach that improves digitalisation in rural areas, make rural society more inclusive and support rural entrepreneurs and businesses.

(iv) Rural stakeholder skills: CAP-funded projects that showcase lifelong learning, empower people and companies to contribute to green and digital transitions and support innovation
and competitiveness.

In addition, at a later stage, a Popular Vote Award will be decided on via an online voting system.

More information, including submission guidelines, can be found on the EU CAP Network website here.

Note: Entries can only be submitted directly via the National Rural Network (NRN). The submission deadline for this has been extended by 1 week. Please now submit your completed entry form to daniel@irishruralink.ie on / before Monday, the 12th of June 2023.

Entries received by the NRN will subsequently be screened by the EU CAP Network’s CAP Implementation Contact Point before final submission in August 2023.

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