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Backyard Biodiversity for Heritage Week 2022

Oct 25, 2022 | Biodiversity News

Heritage Week 2022

The National Biodiversity Data Centre is running the ‘Backyard Biodiversity’ project to record distinctive species commonly found in gardens. The project seeks to obtain sightings of 20 recognisable species that can be found in urban and rural gardens, and is focused on those people who are new to biodiversity recording. The aim of this project is to get people to investigate the biodiversity in their own gardens, to encourage people to connect with nature and get involved with biological recording.

The project launched at the start of Heritage Week (13/08/2022) and participants were encouraged to get involved and see if any of the 20 chosen species could be found in their garden or back yard. The list of species can be found here.

Image Source: National Biodiversity Centre

Source: National Biodiversity Centre

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