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Commencement of GLAS Balance Payments

Mar 11, 2023 | Biodiversity News, Climate Change News

Minister McConalogue has announced the 2022 Green Low-Carbon Agri-Environmental Scheme (GLAS) balancing payments have commenced this week. ~36,500 farmers who have participated in GLAS will 2 months ahead of schedule receive their balance payment. It is expected that the payments will commence from Friday 10th March and issue to 84% of GLAS participants.

These payments of just over €22 million will bring the GLAS schemes to €1.35 billion which recognises the commitment of farmers to the significant environmental achievements in the GLAS scheme. The Minister has added that the new scheme ACRES will surpass this figure with a current budget figure of €1.5 billion secured and places for ~46,000 farmers to date.

Any farmers with queries should contact the GLAS team directly by email at GLAS@agriculture.gov.ie.

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