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Online dashboard explores if CAP 2023-27 is on track?

May 19, 2023 | Biodiversity News, Climate Change News, EIP-AGRI News, Farm Viability News, LEADER News

Recently the European Commission launched a Result Indicators dashboard (europa.eu) in line with transparency and monitoring requirements.  This dashboard shows the targets set out for each Member State and what has been approved under their CAP Strategic Plan. It also incorporates the targets set out at EU level.  

The EU Member States, since the 1st January 2023, have been implementing their CAP Strategic Plans (europa.eu) which provides income to/ supports farmers in achieving more sustainable production.  While continuing to implement the CSP programme, farmers are striving to deliver results and objectives while also contributing to the overall ambitions of the European Green Deal (europa.eu)

This dashboard allows everyone to view the result indicators CAP 2023-27 will deliver on, such as reducing the use of pesticides on agricultural land, better soil management, and many more.  It will also give figures for the supported agricultural practices which may include organic farming, precision farming and agro-ecology.

The results will be displayed in tables and graphs and will be available for exporting and downloading. These results will be updated regularly during the programme. 

For more information follow the link: CAP 2023-27 on track? Check it online! (europa.eu)

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