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Two information guides published by Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

Jun 2, 2023 | Biodiversity News, Climate Change News

Minister McConalogue has welcomed the publications of two new guides for farmers and farm advisors. The publications will assist with queries on Land Eligibility and matters on Conditionality requirements.

Both publications will provide valuable and important information on the changes the new CAP programme has introduced. They will be practical guides to farmers and their farm advisors to understand the rules on land eligibility to the various EU schemes. The explanatory handbook will give the reader a guide to the replacement of cross compliance to conditionality under the new CAP programme. Both guides will have questions and answers sections. Showing examples and explanations of what is considered eligible and ineligible. The guides are drafted to help farmers understand and comply with the requirements of the new programmes and schemes.

Get a copy of the publications by download following the links at:

gov.ie – Land Eligibility (www.gov.ie) and gov.ie – Conditionality (www.gov.ie)

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