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Minister McConalogue Announces Approval of All Tranche 23 Applications Under TAMS II

Dec 9, 2021 | Climate Change News, Farm Viability News

Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue TD has announced that approvals are now commencing for all qualified applications received under tranche 23 of the TAMS scheme.


Commenting on this the Minister said: “TAMS continues to be a hugely successful and beneficial scheme and I am delighted to confirm the approval of 100% of qualified applications submitted under tranche 23.”

Minister McConalogue also confirmed that payments of over €326 million have now issued in respect of 24,141 applications for completed investments since the opening of TAMS II. The Department continues to pay on average €1.3 million per week on TAMS II investments with €1.8 million paid to applicants this week.

Commenting on the payments the Minister said “I am very pleased to see that average weekly payments of €1.3 million continue to issue in respect of completed TAMS II investments I am delighted that to date we have paid over €326 million to TAMS applicants with this weeks TAMS payments amounting to €1.8 million. This brings the total payments in respect of TAMS II investments made to date in 2021 to €61 million. Our priority now is to continue to issue payments to applicants who have completed their approved works and these payments will continue to issue on an ongoing basis”.

The Minister encouraged all farmers who have completed approved works and have payment claims outstanding in relation to TAMS II to submit them to the Department’s online system as soon as the works are completed to facilitate the prompt issue of payments. He added “With over 45,500 approvals issued since its launch, there are a considerable amount of outstanding approvals out there with farmers and I would urge them to conclude their approved investment and submit their payment claim as soon as possible to facilitate the prompt issuing of payments”.

The current tranche of TAMS II closes on 14 January 2022. Tranche 25 will open on 15th January 2022.

Further details on the TAMS II measures are available on the Departments website at:

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