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Signpost Series: October 2021

Oct 27, 2021 | Climate Change News

Signpost Series: October 2021

In association with Teagasc ConnectED, Dairy Sustainability Ireland, and Food Drinks Ireland Skillnet, the National Rural Network is hosting a series of online webinars called the Signpost Series. The webinars target those interested in the environment, sustainability, climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, the impact on agriculture, and science-based solutions and policies to mitigate the adverse effects and encourage the positive impact.

As agriculture is the primary land use in Ireland, farmers are responsible for farming sustainably to protect and enhance habitats and key resources. The webinars discussed the challenges and opportunities that face Irish and International agriculture.

October Topics:

  • What’s the story with our Bogs? & European Carbon Farming by Dr. Douglas McMillan, Chair of Green Restoration Ireland (GRI) Cooperative & Eimhin David Shortt;
  • Implications of climate neutrality for agriculture, land use & forestry in Ireland by Dr. David Styles, University College Limerick;
  • Farm Zero C Overview by Gavin Hunt, Farm Zero C Project Manager BiOrbic and Cian White, Trinity College Dublin;
  • Biorefinery Glas and the potential of the bioeconomy to transform grassland agriculture in Ireland by James Gaffey, MTU, Johan Sanders, GRASSA and Wageningen, and Xavier Dubuisson, XD Consulting;
  • Soil Fertility Trends and Agricultural Catchments Programme by Edward Burgess, Agricultural Catchments Programme, Teagasc.

Replay all previous recordings here.

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