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Coffee as an Effective Pesticide!

Apr 26, 2023 | EIP-AGRI News

Coffee as an Effective Pesticide!

The Hemp4Soil EIP Project aims to explore, through the monitored cultivation of HEMP, the potential for vastly improved soil quality, enhanced biodiversity, and the creation of new sustainable income streams for the agricultural industry. This initiative is led by the grass-roots group Loop Head Farmers and supported by nearly fifty local groups and organisations. Additionally, the results may indicate encouraging progress towards the peninsula’s carbon-neutral objectives. 

Recently, Hemp Farmer Michael Shanahan from Shannonside CBD Oil also illustrated the benefits of coffee grounds as part of his regenerative agricultural practices. Hemp for Shannonside CBD is grown without the use of artificial fertilisers, herbicides, or pesticides, thereby enriching the soil and sequestering carbon.

For more information on this project, contact: https://www.loopheadtogether.ie/contact-us

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