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Duhallow Farming Blue Dot Catchment launches Book of Measures

Aug 30, 2023 | EIP-AGRI News

The Duhallow Farming for Blue Dot Catchment EIP Project is funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine with a budget of €1.47 million.  This results-based Agri-Environmental programme is focused on rewarding farmers for the work they undertook in the protection, enhancement and restoration of the waterbodies in the Allow River Catchment.

As the connection of the environment between the farms and the habitats surrounding them has become increasingly important, this farming community have adapted to great changes.  Using words such as “riparian planting”, “hedgerows” and “multi-species swards” are now common practice in the wider Duhallow farming community.

Knowledge transfer and education of what actually lives in these waterbodies has given the land users the opportunity to see the benefits to protecting the environment and habitats.

In addition to implementing the project the lessons learned from IRD Duhallow’s EIP projects a booklet has been produced as a guide to measures that can be implemented to improve water quality and biodiversity of waterbodies in your area.

Download a copy of the booklet here:

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