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EIP-AGRI Upland Projects in Action Week – Day 1 MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Project

Feb 3, 2021 | EIP-AGRI News

MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Project Overview

This EIP-AGRI Project aims to improve the sustainability and support the economic viability of farming in the MacGillycuddy Reeks, through the development of practical, achievable actions and innovative solutions in order to improve the conditions of the habitats of the Natura 2000 area, in close conjunction with the landowners/farmers in the area.

  • You can view/download a full description of this project’s rationale, aims, objectives and activities here
  • The EIP-AGRI Service Point Operational Group abstract for this project can be found here
  • Information about the MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Project can also be found on the Irish NRN’s interactive ‘One-Stop-Shop’ Storyboard of EIP-AGRI Operational Groups in Ireland.

MacGillycuddy Reeks Image 2

MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Project – Participating Farmer Insight

The 3rd episode of the Irish NRN’s Video Blog (Vlog) series on farmers who are participating in Ireland’s 23 EIP-AGRI projects located throughout the country features Kieran Doona from the MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Project who explains how this innovative, locally-led project is working on the ground, at farm level.

You can view this video blog here: https://youtu.be/K1WWlec6pls\

MacGillycuddy Reeks Image 3

MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Project – Lessons Learned to Date

MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Project Manager, Patricia Deane, provided an update of the various innovative methods being tested by, and subsequent lessons learned from this EIP-AGRI Operational Group project at the EIP-AGRI Symposium entitled ‘Sharing lessons learned and how these might help to inform Ireland’s CAP Strategic plan’ at the most recent Burren Winterage School held via Zoom in October 2020.

You can view this presentation here: https://youtu.be/fh79UOelfxs

MacGillycuddy Reeks Image 4

MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Project – Publication Examples

MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Autumn Newsletter 2020

MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Summer Newsletter 2020

MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Terms and Conditions

MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Spring Newsletter 2020

MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Annual Report April18-Aug19

EIP Project Leaflet

MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Project – Contact Details

MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Project Manager: Patricia Deane

MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Project Email: pdeane@skdp.net

MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Project Website: https://www.macgillycuddyreekskerry.com/

MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Project Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/macgillycuddyreeksforum/

MacGillycuddy Reeks Image 5

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