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Funding for all EIP-AGRI Operational Groups – Practice-Oriented AKIS Topics

Jan 27, 2022 | EIP-AGRI News

The EIP-AGRI Support Facility’s latest Newsflash details three funding topics specifically related to Operational Groups (OGs). Each of the topics aim to connect farmers and advisors across Europe to foster systematic and regular exchanges on practice-oriented knowledge and innovation.

A new Horizon Europe topic is now available to OGs interested in collaborating with other OGs across Europe to exchange knowledge on a common subject:

  • Broaden EIP Operational Group outcomes across borders by means of Thematic Networks, compiling and sharing knowledge ready for practice.
    • The topic aims to tackle most urgent needs of farmers and foresters by building on the experience and outcomes of EIP-AGRI OG projects.
    • The expected outcome is the collection, translation and sharing of existing knowledge on a specific topic common to all OG’s involved, leading to wider use an acceptance of collected solutions, best practices and new research findings.
    • At least 5 OGs from 3 Member States should form the basis for these projects. Projects must last at least 3 years and can receive up to €3 million.

AKIS topics below are available to OGs wishing to be part of an EU-wide practice-oriented project:

  • Thematic Networks to compile and share knowledge ready for practice.
    • The scope of this topic includes the summarising, sharing and presenting of existing best practices and research findings that are ready to be put into practice, but are not widely known or used by practitioners.
    • The expected outcome is the wider use of best practices and research, thus achieving greater user acceptance of collected solutions to help the transition to a smarter and greener system.
    • Projects must last 3 years and can receive up to €3 million.
  • Developing EU advisory networks on water use
    • This topic will connect advisors across the EU in networks on water use, integrate the advisors into Member States’ AKIS, and document and share good examples, digital tools and relevant material to local channels.
    • The expected outcome is to increase the viability of farmers and to help reduce water use and pollution, as well as interacting with policy makers on barriers to practical water issues.
    • Projects must last 3 years and can receive up to €4 million.

The deadlines for submissions is 10th March 2022 @ 5pm Brussels time (4pm Irish time).

More information on the topics, requirements and submission details can be found in the EIP-AGRI Support Facility Newsflash, available here.

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