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NRN Takes Part in EIP-AGRI Operational Groups Discussion On RTE Radio

May 30, 2019 | EIP-AGRI News

The role of EIP-AGRI Operational Groups in protecting biodiversity and tackling climate change was discussed on RTE Radio One’s Drivetime Programme on Wednesday 29 May.

Interviewed at the Irish Rural Link annual conference in Athlone on 27 May were Donal Sheehan from the BRIDE Project, which is funded through EIP-AGRI, Dr Shane Conway, researcher at NUI Galway and the NRN, and Phil Hogan, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development.

The segment runs from 2:18:25 to 2:24:15 and you can listen back here:

For more information on the EIP-AGRI inititaive, please check out the NRN’s booklet entitled, EIP-AGRI: Ireland’s Operational Groups 2019.

This publication is aimed at inspiring people in the farming community and rural areas to maximize the success of the objectives set out in the RDP 2014-2020, and details the main aims, objectives, activates and background of each of the successful 23 Irish EIP-AGRI Operational Groups selected by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

You can view/download this booklet here.

IRL May 2019 193

Donal Sheehan, the BRIDE Project, speaking at the IRL annual conference in Athlone (Credit: IRL)

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