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Students Mural highlights the importance of The Great Yellow Bumblebee

Mar 29, 2023 | EIP-AGRI News

The Great Yellow Bumblebee

Image Credit: Belmullettidytowns.com

The Great Yellow Bumblebee EIP project aims to increase the number of native flowers on Irish farmlands to benefit the imperilled great yellow bumblebee and other pollinators. Students from Belmullet VTOS developed and painted the mural as part of their work experience curriculum. The aim was to emphasise the importance of the great yellow bumblebee and its Belmullet habitat which is one of the few Irish locations where the severely endangered great yellow bumblebee has been seen.

The artwork features one of these bees in a familiar local scene with its favourite bloom, red clover. The final product is a tactile quality that allows viewers to feel the mural and gives it a three-dimensional effect. Bottle tops were glued and screwed onto an 8 by 4 foot marine ply mural that was sketched and painted. The artwork also promotes the circular economy which reuses and recycles materials, thereby emphasising the importance of conserving the environment by reusing products and reducing waste.

Source: Belmullet Tidy Towns

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