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Training Courses for Approval as a Hen Harrier Programme Advisor

Feb 7, 2019 | EIP-AGRI News

The Hen Harrier Project is the largest EIP (European Innovation Partnership) in Ireland, it was established in 2017 and now has over 600 participants farming over 24,000 ha. An additional 600 farmers will be accepted into the project in 2019. All of these farms are located in the 6 Special Protection Areas designated for breeding Hen Harriers. These are;

  • The Slieve Aughty Mountains SPA Co’s Clare & Galway
  • Slieve Beagh SPA Co. Monaghan
  • The Stacks, Mullagherierks, West Limerick Hills and Mount Eagle. SPA Co’s Limerick, Kerry and Cork
  • Mullaghanish to Musheramore SPA Co. Cork
  • Slieve Bloom Mountains SPA Co’s Laois and Offaly

All of these farms must be assessed by an approved advisor every summer. The Hen Harrier Programme is a hybrid results based programme with supporting actions to enhance habitats and farm infrastructure. Phase 1 training for advisors is spread over 2 days and covers Hen Harrier ecology, agriculture in high nature value farmland areas programme structure and supporting actions.

Phase 2 training also covers 2 days and deals with habitat assessment and reporting systems.

Due to the continuing need to support farmers in the programme an additional advisor course will be run this spring. Phase 1 training will be carried out in late February, Phase 2 training in late May. You must complete both parts to be approved as a a Hen Harrier Programme Advisor.

Phase 1 training will be held in the Limerick / Tipperary area. Places will be limited and must be booked through Eventbrite. To receive advance notice of when the booking period will open please e-mail. Advisors must have current FAS (Farm Advisory service) approval.


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