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2nd European Thematic Network Meeting of the FARMWELL Project

Jul 13, 2022 | Farm Viability News

The 2nd European Thematic Network meeting of the FARMWELL Horizon 2020 project took place from the 7-8 of June 2022 via Zoom.


This event explored the various social innovations in place across Europe working to address farmer wellbeing over the course of 5 thematic sessions:

  1. Migrants, other disadvantaged farm workers
  2. Context-based social solutions for rural communities
  3. New entrants to farming -The ‘new generational renewal’
  4. Mental health
  5. From crisis to Osmosis: open farms, energy communities and beyond.

The FARMWELL Project aims to improve the mental, physical and social wellbeing of farmers through more accessible social innovations which help address common social challenges facing the farming community such as mental health issues, isolation, physical risks, stress caused by negative societal perceptions, challenges of farm succession and gender issues.

More information about this innovative and timely project can be found on the project’s website.


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