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NRN Wool Case Study Highlighted in Local Media

Jun 7, 2022 | Farm Viability News

NRN Wool Case Study

A recent NRN wool industry case study on Galway farmer Blatnaid Gallagher from Aughrim in east Co. Galway who availed of LEADER funding through Galway Rural Development (GRD) to establish the innovative Galway Wool Co-op in June 2021 with other members of the Galway Sheep Breeders Society was featured in a recent edition of the Tuam Herald, Galway’s oldest regional newspaper.

Using its LEADER funded website as its headquarters, this innovative Co-op, now comprising of 70 pedigree registered Galway Sheep flocks throughout Ireland, ranging from five to 80 sheep, is the first virtual Co-op of its kind in Ireland.  The Galway Wool Co-op have established a direct supply chain for Galway wool to Donegal Yarn, who sell directly to weavers and knitters in Ireland and all over the world from its spinning mill in Kilcar, Co. Donegal.

You can read the full case study on this inspiring roadmap for the native Irish wool industry here.

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