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Upcoming Online Conference – Facilitating our Future Farmers: National and International Perspectives

Dec 4, 2020 | Farm Viability News

Facilitating our Future Farmers: National and International Perspectives

Most farmers in the EU are aged over 55 and only a small proportion are below age 35. Supporting generational renewal is one objective of the CAP post 2020. There are, however, many complex issues impacting generational renewal, such as farm viability, ease of farm transferability, the need for greater succession planning and the human dynamics involved.

The attractiveness of farming can also be an issue. Becoming a farmer can look unattractive compared to better-paid occupations that offer potential for greater work-life-balance. Access to land is a major problem, particularly for new entrants, which is impacted by issues such as land availability and high farmland prices.

Among the aims of the four-year RURALIZATION project is to identify and assess innovative ways to facilitate new entrants into farming, succession and to access farmland. Now over a year into the RURALIZATION project, this conference brings together researchers and practitioners to explore how we can enable our future farmers gain access to farmland and the farming sector.

This online conference will be co-hosted by the RURALIZATION project at NUI Galway and the National Rural Network (NRN) on Monday December 14th, 2.00pm-4.15pm via Zoom.

To view the full agenda and to register see here.

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