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Churchill Forge ProjectA winning entry in the NRN LEADER Impact Campaign 2020, this project set out to restore and protect the heritage of forging in the Spa-Fenit area of Co. Kerry.

Having acquired the Churchill Forge in 2002, LEADER initially supported the Spa Fenit Community Council (SFCC) to fully repair and restore the building, which had been established in the 1840s, to its former glory.  In 2016, further LEADER funding was sought to build an additional multi-use visitor space equipped with over 20 display panels detailing the history of forging in Spa-Fenit. This project has not only preserved the local history, but it has also developed a community asset and local tourist attraction to benefit the whole community.

To read the full case study, please see here.

This project was supported as part of the LEADER Programme 2014-2020 (extended to 2022) under the theme of Economic Development, Enterprise Development and Job Creation and the subtheme of Rural Tourism. The Local Action Group is Kerry Local Community Development Committee and the Implementing Partner is North, East & West Kerry Development Company (NEWKD).