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LEADER Supports Farm Diversification at Blackcastle Farm in Tipperary

Aug 3, 2020 | LEADER News

The NRN have recently carried out a case study with Blackcastle Farm of Two Mile Borris, in County Tipperary. John and Ann Commins began breeding Pedigree Piedmontese Cattle, which are native to the Piedmont Region of North West Italy, back in 2005.

Piedmontese are particularly unique in that their meat has a very low fat content, is high in protein and omegas, and is flavourful. After having marketed their meat to a reasonable success for many years, John and Ann decided to carry out a total re-brand and bring all stages of production and processing on-farm, to Blackcastle Farm, to drive the business forward.

LEADER supported the development of an on-farm food processing unit which contains cooked and raw meat kitchens allowing them to develop a whole range of products from their premium Piedmontese Beef. For example, their 1% low Fat Blackcastle Farm Sausages which recently featured as part of the Aldi Grow Programme. Other aspects developed as part of this project include workshop spaces and visitor areas and facilities, which opens up the business to a range of different prospects in the future.

Read the full case study here.


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