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Meath River Rescue LEADER Project featured in Changing Ireland Magazine

Apr 20, 2020 | LEADER News

A LEADER funded project with the Meath River Rescue Service has been featured in the most recent issue of the Changing Ireland Magazine. The Meath River Rescue Service provide a very important voluntary service within their community of Navan.

Set up in 1996, the organisation has grown and expanded its capacity over the years largely due to the help of LEADER funding. This particular project used LEADER funding to help Meath River Rescue Service to upgrade their equipment. This equipment included new boat engines and specialised diving suits, which have to be custom made for each diver, allowing them to carry out their life saving and life-altering search and recovery activities. Having up to date and high quality equipment allows Meath River Rescue to deliver a more efficient service and in a safer manner for their volunteers.

To see the overview of this project which was published in the latest edition of Changing Ireland, please see here.

Meath RR Changing Irl

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