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NRN Involved in Production of Transitional LEADER Programme Video

Jun 18, 2021 | LEADER News

Image source: Department of Rural and Community Development

The NRN was delighted to be involved in the production of a short video showcasing the diversity of community-led initiatives supported by the LEADER programme across Ireland, in conjunction with the Department of Rural and Community Development.

This video was launched as part of Minister Heather Humphreys’ announcement of the details of the new €70 million Transitional LEADER Programme. Featured in the video are projects that have previously benefitted from LEADER funding: Blackstairs Ecotrails accommodation, Co. Carlow; Bridgeways Family Resource Centre, Co. Longford; and Connemara Community Radio Studio, Co. Galway.

The video can be viewed here: https://twitter.com/DeptRCD/status/1380559464286322688

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