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NRN Publishes LEADER Case Study on the ‘Cavan Communities 4 Climate Action’ Training Programme

Apr 26, 2023 | LEADER News

Cavan Communities 4 Climate Action

A new LEADER case study on ‘Cavan Communities 4 Climate Action’ has recently been added to the NRN website.

This training programme helped to equip participants with the skillset to make their communities more climate-resilient and environmentally sustainable. A major result and legacy of the project was the subsequent formation of a county-based climate action network in Cavan, which aims to inform the wider community of the need for a collective approach to developing climate solutions. Moreover, this training has empowered participants to put climate solutions forward for inclusion in the next Local Development Strategy for the 2023-2027 LEADER Programme in the Cavan area.

You can read the full NRN LEADER case study here.

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