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The NRN team at NUI Galway have collaborated with David Kelly, Research Technologist at the Whitaker Institute and Moore Institute at NUI Galway to create an informative interactive Local Action Groups (LAGs) and Implementing Partners (IPs) map of Ireland.

This new interactive map outlines the geographical boundaries of each of the 29 LAGs located throughout Ireland as well as an updated list of the Implementing Partners. Links to each of the LAGs and Implementing Partner’s websites and social media pages are also embedded into this map.

This ‘one-stop-shop’ LAGs map provides those interested in accessing assistance under the LEADER Programme 2014-2020, with convenient access to information about the Local Development Strategy and geographical coverage of their LAGs and IPs. It also contains relevant contact details, such as email address and phone numbers. A booklet version, and PDF list of this Irish LAGs and IPs database have also been produced by the NRN.

Local Action Groups (LAGs) & Implementing Partners (IPs) Overview

Decisions on LEADER funding applications are made at a local level by a network of 29 LAGs. They approve applications that align with the objectives of their Local Development Strategy, which is developed in consultation with the local communities. Local Development Companies in each area are responsible for the day to day management and co-ordination of the LEADER Programme, either as Implementing Partners (IPs) in a wider LAG or by acting as the LAG itself. Applications for LEADER funding are made to these Local Development Companies. Project Officers within these companies are the first port of call when thinking about applying for LEADER funding.

Local Action Groups (LAGS) Interactive Map

NRN LAGs and IPs Database Infographic

Click here or on the image below to download our LAGs and IPs Database Infographic (May 2019).

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