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Approval letters were circulated to 5,000 participant farmers selected for the pilot Results-based Environment – Agri Pilot (REAP) project. This pilot project is one of the transitional measures for Irish agriculture using funding secured by the Minister for environmental initiatives.

Over 10,800 Irish farmers submitted applications to express interest in the pilot. Agricultural Advisors are undertaking training to ensure the pilot is a success. In association with their approved advisor, successful applicants will undertake environmental commitments to recognise and enhance the ecological value of existing farm features.

The results-based approach aims to assign a baseline ecological score to each farm, and farmers will receive advice on how to enhance their baseline score for year two of the pilot.  Farms with a higher ecological score will receive a more significant payment. The results-based approach has the potential to deliver substantial environmental and income gains and is expected to feature heavily in future agri-environmental schemes under the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Full details of the REAP Pilot Project can be found here.