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Smart Farming, the resource efficiency programme, run by the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency, hosted its virtual autumn farm talk online on Friday, August 28th, 2020. The programme collates existing knowledge and expertise from Ireland’s leading academic and advisory bodies, state agencies, and technical institutions. It communicates this knowledge in a targeted way, to deliver on the double dividend of improving farm returns and enhancing the rural environment through better resource management.

Tim Cullinan, President of the IFA, stated, “In current times where farming is coming under increasing pressure, and there is an urgent need for all of society to reduce climate impacts, it is important to look at win-win solutions; solutions that benefit farmers and work hand-in-hand with the environment.”

Tommy Boland, Professor of Ruminant Nutrition and Sheep Production, UCD, presented ‘The Potential of Multispecies Swards to Reduce Climate Impact‘;

Ailbhe Douglas, Catchment Scientist Western Region LAWPRO and Peter Comer, Agricultural Sustainability & Support Advisor, Teagasc, presented ‘Riverside Management from the ASSAP Programme‘;

Mark Plunkett, Soil and Plant Nutrition Specialist, Teagasc, presented ‘Nutrient Application to Reduce Environmental Impact‘;

Furthermore, Donal Sheehan, Dairy Farmer, presented ‘Farm Management with Biodiversity.’

More information on Smart Farming here.

Source: smartfarming.ie & NRN

Image source: smartfarming.ie & NRN

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